Chondrus crispus

Carragheen: Traditional Irish cold and flu remedy and thickening agent. Organic Irish Seaweed products harvested and used in food preparations by Bia Farraige Árann, Organic Seaweed Products, County Galway, Ireland
  • Well known in the Irish tradition for its effect against cold and flu.
  • It's also very well known in Natural Official medicine as a key ingredient in cough syrups.
  • Totally exempt of any fishy taste, is recommended in all recipes where a thickening action is required (puddings, gravy, etc).
  • The gel obtained after boiling, is filtered with a muslin and used as a thickening agent. The seaweed is then discarded or used as a garden fertilizer.

Typical analysis

Vitamin C10-30 ppm
Vitamin B120.6-4 ppm
Calcium0.9-1.3 ppm
Iodine200-300 ppm
Iron170-210 ppm
Manganese2-28 ppm
Potassium3.4 ppm
Heavy metals< 10 ppm