OLA Dressing

OLA Dressing - fresh vegetables and freshly harvested organic seaweed infused in extra virgin olive oil from Bia Farraige Árann, Organic Seaweed Products, Aran Islands, County Galway, Ireland

Extract of Kelp Seaweed (with natural content of Umami)
and Carragheen Seaweed, Vegetables and Herbs,
infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Description: Intense liquid with characteristically pleasant marine fragrance and flavour.
Use: As a seasoning / dressing: an enriched alternative to extra virgin olive oil, to be used raw for preserve all the nutritional value

We bottle our OLA in Miron Glass bottles, because they allow the optimal preservation of the active ingredients and make the lifespan of the product far superior, even if the packages are exposed to sunlight.

The secret of OLA is that there is no need to add more salt to the food and the natural Umami contained in fresh seaweed makes sure that the food is fully flavoursome and aromatic.

The combination of OLA with a few drops of SALANN can be recommended as a culinary experience of the highest sensory quality.

We chose extra virgin olive oil because it is highly compatible with seaweed, without the danger of oxidation and, in addition, olive oil is one of the oldest food ingredients which has been in use since remote times. We believe that by combining an ancient traditional product with our organic seaweed extracts, using our tailored advanced ultrasound technology, we have created one of the most interesting gastronomic experiences available in the market.

Why do we use an Ultrasound Technology to obtain the seaweed extract?

Seaweed is not a herb that can be easily infused in oil: the seaweed cell structure is the strongest on the planet and infusing it in a cold medium is difficult unless an extremely high temperature is used. We solved this problem with our unique high technology ultrasound system (using specific wavelengths and frequencies) which infuses the seaweed without disturbing any of the unique flavours of either the seaweed or the olive oil base.

You can taste OLA in this way:

Slightly toast a slice of freshly baked bread and pour 2 drops of OLA and 1 of SALANN on it.
Now, compare it with common olive oil and sea salt.

See also Ola Technical Data

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Price: 5.50 EUR