Organic Hazelnuts with Carragheen

Organic Hazelnuts with Carragheen

Some Information about Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts have always been one of my favourite foods. As children, we used to gather wild hazelnuts and take them home. My grandmother then would roast them and coat them with sugar. I always loved this homemade snack, and recently, I decided to try coating roasted hazelnuts with one of the healthiest sugars in nature, the one derived from coconut's flowers.

I purchased the best and freshest organic hazelnuts I could find on the market, added carragheen moss and coated them with the best Organic Coconut's flower sugar (Bali).

The result is this crunchy delicious snack, full of minerals and vitamins, tasting like chocolate and not so high in calories (ca. 440 Kcal per 100 g).

Read more about health benefits and contents:Organic Hazelnuts with Carragheen Technical Data

Price: 5.00 EUR