Organic Seaweed Anti-Aging drops, 15ml

Anti Aging Serum made with Seaweed harvested from the Aran Islands, Galway, Ireland - Bia Farraige Árann, Organic Seaweed Products

100% Organic Seaweed Anti-Aging Serum
Magic In A Drop

High Concentration
Skin Hydrating & Firming

Thanks to its highly concentrated active ingredients, this amazing and unique anti-aging Serum works quickly penetrating deep into your skin so you can see immediate results.

Our dermatologists and beauticians love this product and consider it as a key player of the anti-aging routine.
Easy to apply, all it takes are a few drops to reap the benefits: smoothing fine lines, brightening the complexion, while hydrating the skin like no other cosmetic can do.

“Magic in a drop” is not just a way of saying. Try it on your skin and you will understand what “Magic” means!

Instructions for use:

Packaging 15 ml glass bottle with dropper

Price: 21.00 EUR