Organic Seaweed Body Lotion, 200ml

Seaweed Body Lotion from the Aran Islands, Galway, Ireland - Hydrating, Rejuvenating & Firming - Bia Farraige Árann, Organic Seaweed Products, Ireland

Organic Seaweed Skin Softening Body Lotion
Highly Hydrating, Rejuvenating & Firming

The skin of the body is often affected by disorders, caused by stress or by cold / hot weather conditions. The only way to avoid cracked heels or elbows, itchy feet, rough skin or dry spots, is to massage the body with a highly hydrating Body Lotion.

Our Organic Seaweed Skin Softening Body Lotion is based on organic healing oils and natural ingredients, but also contains the 7% of freshly harvested seaweed extracts, that we also produce on Kilronan, Aran Islands. Keeping the Body moisturised helps restore the natural balance of the skin, preventing dehydration and slowing the aging process.

Instructions for use: Packaging 200ml bottle

Price: 21.00 EUR