Organic Seaweed Day Face Cream, 50ml

Seaweed Day Face Cream from the Aran Islands, Galway, Ireland - Organic, Rejuvenating & Protecting -  Bia Farraige Árann, Organic Seaweed Products

Organic Seaweed Intensive Skin Hydrating Day Face Cream
Rejuvenating & Protecting

Light and slightly scented, this precious Cream is giving to your skin the instant hydration with a mix of Natural and Organic active ingredients.

The skin will look softer and younger like magic!
Apart from seaweed, the other key components of this unique cosmetic, is Aloe barbadensis and other plant extracts, the combination of which make this cream a natural moisturiser able to help preventing skin disorders.

The essential oils added are Mimosa and Sandalwood, which are well accepted either by women or men.

Instructions for use: Packaging 50ml jar

Price: 20.00 EUR